Andrew M. Zhang

Working at a Chicago-based Quant Trading Firm. Citadel Securities Quantitative Research Intern (2019 & 2020). RISELab. Former EECS Masters Student - UC Berkeley.


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I was a student pursuing an M.Sc in Computer Science at University of California - Berkeley. I was also a researcher in RISELab where I work under Prof. Randy Katz on serverless machine learning frameworks and serverless computing. I used to TA for CS189: Machine Learning and CS70: Discrete Math and Probability Theory.

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  1. SoCC
    CENTAUR: A Practical Serverless Framework for End-to-End ML Workflows
    J. Carreira, P. Fonseca, A. Tumanov, A. Zhang, and Prof. Katz
    Symposium on Cloud Computing,, 2019
  2. NeurIPS
    A Case for Serverless Machine Learning
    J. Carreira, P. Fonseca, A. Tumanov, A. Zhang, and Prof. Katz
    NuerIPS Workshop,, 2018